Re: Resting to running!

Posted by Ross On 2023/3/18 7:36:14
A 53 Cavalier is a pleasure to drive and you will enjoy it.
Replace or rebuild every single item that ever touched brake fluid. Pretty much every component is available new. It is not difficult to make new lines with the Nicop tubing and I view that as essential on a 70 year old car.

Pull out your spark plugs and pour in each hole in a good cupfull of ATF or other light oil. Try to turn the engine over with a breaker bar and a 1" socket on the front crank bolt. That is easy to reach from under the car. You will need to be able to turn 2 full revs to make sure the valves are not stuck before trying anything with the starter.

So much depends on how the car was stored. I got in one '53 Clipper that had the engine drowned with oil before a 40 year storage and it was effortless to get going. Others had mousey nests IN the cylinders and were scrap.

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