Re: Resting to running!

Posted by JeromeSolberg On 2023/3/20 10:25:50
You can get shocks from NAPA, Monroe gas-charged. I did this recently.

Be careful with the hoses. I found the cross-ref wasn't entirely accurate and ended up having to get the front hoses from Max. But if you take your hose off and bring it to NAPA you might have more luck. The NAPA I have access to is not very customer-friendly, they are the "just give me the number" kind of folks.

Max and Kanter also sells a carb kit that works well.

NAPA sells complete new wheel cylinders. Get those, don't bother rebuilding them, they are inexpensive.

Look on this website for folks' success with various fuel pump rebuild kits, but I just ended up getting a rebuilt fuel pump from Kanter on an exchange basis.

Spark plug wires - the ones you can get from NAPA now are the ones where you have to crimp the ends yourself, which requires a special tool.

Both Kanter and Max have radiator hoses. You might also have success at NAPA, again if you have a good parts guy.

If you have the Ultramatic you have a oil-water oil cooler for the transmission that is attached via a very short hose to the bottom of the water pump. Some folks have gotten a new top hose from Max (which tends to be a little long) and cut off a section of it to use as the short section. The oil cooler should be taken off and inspected, it's not unusual for those to leak. Kanter and Max both sell refurbished ones or some folks have gone to the trouble of installing an air-oil heat exchanger affixed to the back of the radiator.

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