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Posted by BigKev On 2024/5/2 15:48:07
The 1922-1932 (1st-9th Series) Service Index information has been indexed and added to the Factory Service Index feature here on the website. If you haven't used that before, you really should. It helps to located information spread accoss all Service Letters, Service Counselors, and Service Techinical Bulletins.

Sometimes, the factory updated the information you are looking for many years after your model year. So simply looking at your model year's Service Letters is not sufficient. The index takes care of all that for you.

I still need to do a little auditing and cleanup to make sure all the Service Letters in the archive have been fully indexed. Once those are done, then I can start to lacing in the information in the Genereal Letters, Trade Letters, etc which also contain Service Information not found in other sources.

Still missing the above Service Items (prior post) from the archive, if you can help out to fill those in, that would be wonderful! Once I have those pieces, I can add those to the Factory Service Index as well.

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