Re: Starting a 1929 Packard 8 with straight 8 and Detroit Lubricator Carb.

Posted by TxGoat On 2023/11/23 9:40:51
The electric fuel pump may be flooding the engine due to too much pressure. "Flooding" does not mean you would see wet plugs. You should never see wet spark plugs. You should never see fuel drip from the carburetor unless you have over-used the choke.
To start a typical updraft carburetor engine when cold, especially after sitting for days, or in colder weather, it is normally necessary to use the choke. Open the throttle part way, close the choke, then crank the engine for 2 to 5 seconds, then open the choke halfway and crank the engine. That will start most engines if everything is in good order. A weak or undersized battery or undersized, skinny, or corroded cables, or a dragging starter can kill the ignition system during cranking. That makes starting very difficult to impossible, but if the engine does start, it will usually run OK and may start easily once warmed up.
An engine can be well-worn and still start fairly easily

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