Re: Fuse Block & relays

Posted by HH56 On 2024/1/22 14:16:53
Fuse blocks were not original items in 41 models which relied mostly on individual inline fuses. How easy it will be to use a replacement block depends on what you have. Most automotive fuses used by mfgs then and up into the 50s were the SFE type which are physically sized specific to the amperage rating of the fuse. Holders and slots in blocks were designed to hold only a particular size fuse. If way back when someone installed one of those old type blocks then modern fuses may not fit in some positions nor will most SFE fuses fit in a modern block. If you have a more modern block then compare the amp ratings.

Voltage will not be an issue in a new block but 6v current flow is typically twice that required with 12v. If positions in the new fuse block are rated to hold the same amperage fuses you might have in the old block then if you have SFE fuses just replace with a modern fuse and there should not be an issue. If you have old 30amp circuits but the new block is only rated to hold say a maximum of 15 or 20 amp fuses then that will be an issue.

Finding a period correct looking 6v automotive relay can be difficult but 6v cube type plastic case relays are available at Newark Electronics or YnZ Yesterdays parts . YnZ also has various fuse blocks and inline holders as well as other period wiring supplies.

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