Re: Fuse Block & relays

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/2/26 6:25:29

williamshane wrote:

waynecain wrote:
I plan on relocating and replacing a fuse block that has been installed on a 1941 110 business coupe.
It seems that all the fuse blocks and relays for sale are for 12 volt systems. basketball stars

Any problem using on a 6 volt positive ground Packard ?


Wayne Cain

Because most components are made to work with certain voltage needs, you can run into problems if you try to use a fuse block and relays that are meant for a 12-volt system on a 6-volt positive ground Packard.

The electrical components of a 6-volt positive ground system must be of the same voltage as the system in order for the system to function correctly. Using 12-volt components in this configuration could lead to compatibility problems and possible electrical system damage.

Why would this be applicable to running an ungrounded fuse block at a lower voltage?

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