Re: What size vibration damper bolt head do you 356 owners have?

Posted by MJG On 2024/2/23 7:40:28

Meanwhile, MJG, i f it comes to yanking everything out, consider lightening your flywheel. I've heard a Packard maven report doing so to a 356. Wish i'd so done mine when for the sake of an effing $18 pilot bearing which squalling would wake the dead, we had to remove the transmission, so thought i'd replace the F-series Ford truck clutch so many 356 owners use, for a Packard pressure plate rebuilt using the original jig. As long as we were in the neighborhood. But, my flywheel's still stock weight. I bow to others' insight regarding this and don't want to give MJG a bum steer.

Thank you for the insight, I do plan on pulling everything however, after I take the body off the frame. The car needs/deserves a full pan replacement so I will be putting it on a body dolly and rotisserie. I plan on rebuilding the frame and mechanicals with the body off. I have heard of the Ford clutch swap but haven't researched which will be the best route for me as of yet. My plan is to build a long-distance tour car so there is a good chance I will go that route.


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