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Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/5/23 6:41:36
Howard thanks again for the helpful explanation but just FYI to tell which relays are which, the voltage one uses thin wire and the current uses thick wire. The cutout uses both. In addition, the voltage and current relays are connected in series. So I can see that from top to bottom in his one picture it's cutout, current, voltage. Also a minor note that changing the spring force on the relay changes the amount of force it takes to pull in or out, not really the sampling rate. Since the magnetic force is proportional to the current through or voltage across the relay.

Jimmy you need to test the resistance between the field/arm and field/ground terminals on the generator. You should have higher resistance field to ground than field to arm. This is because the field coil should be connected to the armature internally. But some companies made them connected to ground instead and those used a different type of regulator. I don't remember how Jeep did it.

The armature has very low resistance so be sure that you have a good connection on your meter when doing these tests. If you can't tell, then remove the inspection cover and pull out one of the brushes. This opens the circuit between the arm and ground terminals.

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