Re: Ammeter

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/5/26 20:44:36
Jimmy, how old is your battery actually? Is it NEW or are you still using the one in the car when you bought it?

An old battery can start an engine when charged, but then not run said engine for very long without being continuously charged. Ask me how I know...

Battery drain test: you already said the clock is disconnected. Good. Close the doors so the dome light is off and make sure the ignition/accessories are off. When it's dark, disconnect and reconnect one of the battery terminals. You should not see/hear ANY spark. If there's a spark, you have some phantom drain.

If you have a trunk light, have you checked that it's not stuck on? That's about all I can think of that wouldn't be caused by mis-wiring or a short somewhere.

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