Re: Seatbelts?

Posted by Denny Z on 2009/10/30 20:41:06
I've done all of the I always run on modern radials. Its another safety feature as far as I'm concerned because the cars will track straighter and you don't get any surprises on uneven road surfaces.

Here is a side note concerning tires. Last summer on a tour, a fellow with our group broke away from the 'country road' route and took the interstate to return to the motel one afternoon. It was 90+ degrees, he was traveling 70 mph in his '64 Thunderbird and, you guessed it, a rear tire blew. Luckily he was able to control the bird, but just barely according to a fellow behind him. The tire in question had plenty of tread and looked fine. Problem was it was 19 years old! I know they're expensive, but if we're going to drive, we gotta keep 'em fresh!!

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