Re: Packards During War - Classic Car, Dec 2009

Posted by Ozstatman on 2009/10/31 23:22:39
41ParPack wrote:......Australian 7th Div. Troops looking over a Packard (1937?) used by the Japanese and captured in Balikpapan, Borneo, on July 3, 1945......DanL


For identification purposes only, and having regard to this note at the foot of PackardInfo of, "Any copyrighted material remains the property of their respective owners is used here under the 'Fair Use' provisions of current intellectual property and copyright laws", I have copied the Hemmings page showing the Packard in question and it's either a '38 or '39, my lack of Packard recognition skills being well known here. Can we get a positive identification of the year here?

Kev, if you feels the reproduction of this page does not fall within the 'Fair Use' provisions, I will be happy to delete it.

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