Re: Recent additions to the Owner Registry

Posted by Ozstatman On 2009/11/8 4:34:50
africapackard wrote:.......I uploaded a few of our mutual friends' (Philip Cronje) Packards a few months ago as I was not sure if he would be willing or able to do it himself. He has since shown a keen interest in the forum. I would like to help him to upload his other cars as well as changing the ones I uploaded to his ownership. Would this last change be possible? I think it would be worthwhile to get the cars on as most are right hand drive models.......


Sorry for the slow response, I thought I had responded but it must still be circling somewhere in cyberspace because it's not here!

I doubt there is a way to change from one PackardInfo member to another for Owner Registry entries. That is, unless BigKev can weave some type of digital magic? Presuming he can't, the only way then is for Philip to duplicate your entries, I think there are 11 of them. Once the fresh entries are loaded I can then delete the ones you originally loaded.

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