Fuel Filter Advice, Please

Posted by Jay Faubion On 2010/4/19 13:52:53
I have a clear glass, nylon mesh fuel filter in front of my carburetor. However, I also have a big cartridge-loaded diesel fuel filter between that and the carburetor. The diesel filter is a 2 micron screw-on filter cartridge that looks like a modern oil filter.

I really thought I had my bases covered on fuel cleanliness. I do get some rust from my tank, but my idea was to catch the coarse stuff in the glass filter, and remove everything else in the cartridge filter.

I guess I was wrong. I just picked up my rebuilt carburetor this morning, and I was told that it had been full of rust.

I told the guy there about my filter arrangement. He asked, is that 2-micron filter ceramic or paper? I replied that it was probably paper. He said that the sharp rust particles will cut their way right through paper filters.

OK, I didn't know that.

I can't afford to drop the tank (again) and get it treated. Is there any kind of filter than anyone has had good experience with that will protect my carburetor?


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