Re: Oil Pan drain plug

Posted by BH On 2007/1/6 0:26:54
Welcome aboard Randy, and thanks for updating us on your problem.

It's interesting to know that the pan has a "bung" plate that is spot-welded in place, lending itself to a transplant. Yet, I suspect that it wouldn't be too hard to fab a new one if a donor wasn't available. Also, have you any thought about "sweating" some solder (after welding) to make the seam leak-proof or is that not necessary?

Helicoils have their place, but I suspect this will be a better fix in the long-run.

Don't worry about being long-winded in your posts, as this is the kind of good, detailed information that we need to archive for future reference. (A forum is about more than just one-on-one discussion.) Also, know that you can break your post into paragraphs as you would with any word processor, and this forum will handle it, without need for any special coding on your part.

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