Re: Oil Pan drain plug

Posted by Randy Berger On 2007/1/6 4:14:31
Brian, the bung originally was just spotwelded in place. After examining the spare pan, it seems the sealing is done by tightening the copper or nylon washer snugly against the pan.
The hole in the pan just accomodates the 5/8-18 drain plug.
The plug that was in the 400 was an oversize one. I just want to get back to original. I will test it with water before I bolt it back up.
I wonder how long Packard initially allowed to install a new oil pan gasket? I don't have that manual although Kev may have posted it here.
A separate thought - I believe there is a bung in the transmission pan also. The drain plug there is also a 5/8-18.

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