Re: Oil Pan drain plug

Posted by BH On 2007/1/6 11:14:34
Randy -

I understand about wanting to get back to original - had just wondered how that plate was sealed (if need be). My dad, who started turning wrenches prior to WWII, had told me that the gas tank fittings were soldered, and I thought it might be same for this sheet metal oil pan.

Quoting from the "1955-1956 Packard Flat Rate Manual"...

Oper. No.: 5-165
Oil Pan or Gasket - R & R
Includes : R & R Cross over, or side exhaust pipe, starter motor, flywheel lower cover, disconnect and lower steering linkage.
Suggested Time: 2.6

(end quote)

I'm curious to know how that compares to real world time?

BTW, the manual provided an additional 0.3, with pan removed, to R & R the oil pump assembly, and 0.4 to recondition the removed pump (i.e. - disassemble, clean, inspect, reassemble, and replace any necessary parts.

Yes, the Twin Ultra. pan used exactly the same drain plug and sealing washer as the V8 oil pan. I don't recall anything so substantial as a spot-welded plate in that application, but it's been over a decade since I had a pan off an Ultra.

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