Re: X-Mas Wish List

Posted by Packard53 on 2007/12/7 22:07:20
My XMAS present came early this year in August when I completed the remodel of my garage, of which I posted pictures during the remodel during the months of July and August.

Lighting in my garage has never been a problem. On each side wall I three four foot double tube florescent lights mounted on the walls. With all the florescent lighting that I have in my garage comes to 28 foot. Over head in the garage I have four lights mounted that have one hundred watt bulbs in them.

This Sunday when it is snowing I will up in the garage working again. Last Sunday when it was snowing and cold out side it was a comfortable 60 degrees in the garage. It is nice to be able to work on the Chevelle in the warm and take a break every so often and watch football on the TV.
I even have carpet on the floor of my garage, which helps keep the moisture from coming up through the concrete floor.

The two car garage that is connected to the house, in which I have my work shop. This is were I have most of my tools stored. So sometimes I have to make trips between both garages to get the tools I need. In my case I think I have the ideal set up and at this point. I am very content with my garage situation and storage of my two loved ones

John F. Shireman

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