Re: I like my car

Posted by Mike On 2010/10/15 9:47:28
This post seems dejavu; I just got done rebuilding a 71 pontiac tempest with all the performance bells and whistles, i have a 2005 mustang, and the 50 packard and a 2008 trailblazer.

The tempest is fun but it's work to drive stick in such a lumpy performance car, and it's loud and honestly just exhausting after a whole day in it. The trailblazer is ok but it still rides like a truck sometimes.

The mustang is better but if you drive it how it wants to be driven (starship mode ;) ) it can lead to being just tired, and the suspension is stiff although you can make great interstate time with it.

When i drive the packard, it's quieter and smoother than the 2008 trailblazer! I couldn't hear it running after working on the pontiac non-stop all winter! You can drive that thing half asleep and it just takes care of everything! No annoying shifting (it's auto), brakes are smooth, acceleration is pretty much smooth and consistent. It's a 4000lb cradle whisking me to my destination!

Then i brought home an original all stock 67 tempest 4 door with a 2 speed 1 bbl 6 CYL might as well be a Packard with radial tires instead of bias ply! quiet, smooth, and rides and handles just so well!

Goes to show, as much as we like to change what the factory has done to "improve it", or as smooth and great as new cars are supposed to be, they really don't make them like they did in the old days and it's hard to improve upon what factory engineers worked so hard at.

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