Re: 1965 Packard V12 Ownership

Posted by Packard53 On 2008/9/12 18:12:52
Owen: Yes the persons that were in charge of Turning Wheels at that time and published the the 1965 Packard Revival Story. There were just as stupid for being duped as the PAC persons were.

I am many not like Stuart Blond, but I will give him credit for with drawing support for the article written by Paul McKeehan. This happening some two long years later.

The people at Turning Wheels never did withdraw support of the story. It seems sometime later they published another article by him. How the heck could anyone believe anything that PK had written after the 1965 V12 story.

I did give the matter a long rest. I wasn't the one that brought the thread back to life. I completely forgot about it.

John F. Shireman

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