1965 Packard V12 Ownership

Posted by Packard53 On 2007/1/18 21:23:18
BigKev: I am very suprised that included in your poll how many Packard People might own a 1965 V12 Packard. Every time in the AACA forum if that subject was brought up, the webmaster seemed to get very upset about that. They seemed to think that was only bringing up things from the past, which they thought shouldn't be done. When that happened or less than kind comments were made about some national clubs, those things got deleted very fast.

I am the joker who claimed ownership of a 1965 Packard V12. You stated tat if any person claiming ownership of a 1965 Packard you wanted to see photos. I do have a few photos of the two 1965 V12 Packards that I claim to own. If you would be interested I could post a couple of photos. One of the photos is of the foor door sedan parked out in public, the toerh is of a two door coupe parked in local garage in Jersey Shore getting serviced by my local mechanic.

Paul McKeehan who claimed to be incharge of the 1965 Packard Revival project in South Bend, and who wrote the story about the secret things that went on under his direction, might have one in storage out there in your state., being he claims to reside there. Maybe if you contacted him he might provide some exclusive pictures for your website, and fellow Pakard lovers.

John F. Shireman

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