Re: Oven Cleaner?

Posted by Packard53 On 2007/1/19 21:28:20
BigKevin: Iam sure that oven cleaner makes a good parts cleaner, as I know it does one hell of job when I have clean our oven. The only advice I would give you is use is a well ventulated space.

As far as the color paint you are looking for, rather than paying $ 14.00 for a spray can from Bill Hirsch. Why not take a trip the local commercial parts store, such as Auto Zone. Go to the paint section a see if you can find a color close to what you are looking for. I bet you can find some shade of paint hat is real close, for a heck of alot less money. If Hirsch is selling spray cans for $14.00 a pop, that means that he is getting them from some commercial source.

John F. Shireman

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