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Posted by Tom (Packin31) On 2007/2/5 22:46:09
Well I braved the cold -2deg F and drilled/cut the holes for the parking light in the fenders. I did it now because I will be dropping them off to have inner wells powder coated black. I had the rear ones, the long metal frame cover that goes under the doors, parts of the bumper that needed the be black, rear brake lever and rods and was going to have the drive shaft done but the lady called and said it made a mess out of their oven. She said there was/is a lot of grease inside them things so they could not do it I will just have to shoot it with POR15 then. They also primed and will be priming the outer part of the fenders for me. This way I will have them ready for spring to do the rest of the repairs on them. She is coming along.

So far the cost to have all these parts done was under $1000. That seemed to be pretty reasonable to me. Can I ask you all if I were to have someone paint these parts would I be wrong to say it probably would cost 5-6 times more or is even more then that?

P.S. I posted this on the other forum also but I figured I keep this one alive also.

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