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Not sure if it helps or not, but some of the Automotive "Firsts" List out there on the web credit Studebaker as having the first Production LSD, and that was in 1956.

I also found this for you Packard "Firsts" People, I know some of these have been debated too death, but just reporting what is listed on as Production Automotive Firsts. They make the caveat that while some of these items may have appeared on racing models, or prototypes before, this lists contains only items on Production Models:

First V12 - 1916 Packard "Double-Six"
First carburetor air filter - 1915 Packard Twin Six
First power door locks - 1956 Packard
First steering wheel - 1899 Packard

Honorable Mentions:

First torque converter automatic - 1948 Buick Dynaflow
Honorable mention - 1949 Packard Ultramatic (torque converter automatic)

First air conditioning - 1938 Studebaker Commander
Honorable mention - 1939 Packard and 1941 Cadillac

That is all they list for Packard.

The complete list as it is on is attached for everyone to debate.

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