Re: Pertronix - good price

Posted by Jay Faubion On 2011/3/21 18:51:47
I installed the Pertronix ignition unit last night.

After looking at the current wiring setup, and then comparing with the diagram furnished with the Pertronix, I instantly realized that they had gotten it wrong.

The physical installation was a piece of cake. Took about 30 minutes, most of that time trying to get my work light in just the right place.

Of course, the engine didn't run after I wired it up the way I knew it should go. I went to bed discouraged, then decided what I would do. I thought about it all day long at work today. Yes... I would go home and follow the directions that came with the kit.

It's amazing how lucky smart those guys at the Pertronix factory are. They got their directions right the very first time.

In a more serious note, now that the car is running again I think I need to revisit the timing. Ran out of time for that tonight. Had to help the wife drag tarps of leaves back to the burn pile. Tomorrow evening I'll time it. I thought I heard a little pinging when I took it out.

I have to say that this Pertronix seems like a good, solid, no-nonsense unit. And I'm happy to be away from the need to worry about sourcing condensers, points, etc, etc.


By the way, there's a Studebaker guy that has a nice webpage on how to install one of these on a six volt, positive ground system. Here it is...

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