Want to go uncover a rare old Packard?

Posted by Gene on 2012/1/14 23:43:20
Jon has finally found the connecting rods for the 39 Super 8 I am buying form him. To my knowledge, it has bee setting in that old storage building for years and not seen the light of day. Both front fenders and hood are off and the heads are off the block and there are a multitude of boxes of parts that were to be used to rebuild it. I've just about decided that my 18' car carrier might not be up for the job and would like to go and get it using an enclosed 20'+ car trailer. That way everything will fit neatly inside and I don't have to worry about someone stealing some of the parts.

I plan on going the last weekend of January with whatever I have to work with. If you have an enclosed trailer and want to take a trip, I'd love to pay you and ride along to pick it up. The car is 660 miles away in PA and I'm guessing the trip will take about 3 days. You can make some money and see a 39 Super 8 some out of the shadows where it has hidden for many years. I'm even told I'm pretty good company.
I can even meet you somewhere along the way if it is not too far and make a couple of trips with my trailer to get everything if it will not fit at first.

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