Various 48-50 and 51-54 parts for sale

Posted by David Grubbs on 2019/6/4 21:10:02
After cleaning out the garage, I found some items left in the Packard bin. I'll list the items; if anyone is interested, please let me know. Prices are really cheap - I need the space! Shipping is whatever UPS charges me.

1. rebuilt Autolite starter with the push botton type solenoid. It has been converted to 12 volt. The tag says MAW 4024, and PS 1794 is stamped on the body.
$35. I paid about $80 for the rebuild.

2. Delco Remy generator, M 82749-K16. Worked when I pulled it off the car and put it on the shelf. $15

3. AC fuel pump, single action - clean, but will need rebuilding
AC fuel pump, dual action - clean, but will need rebuilding
Artex fuel pump, dual action ditto. Simlar to the AC, but with a slightly different head. $5 for each

Two water pumps - I think that these are the 48-50 versions. One was rebuilt, and the other is clean and spins easily. Both have the pulleys with the - interesting is that one of the pulleys is larger than the other. $15 for the black one, $8 for the other

One four blade fan. Free with either water pump, or $3

Two add on oil filters. One is missing the hollow top bolt. $12 each

Valve covers. $6 for the pair
Back up light for a 51-54 - $4
rear dome light for a 48-50 - $2
51-4 radio delete plate. Good chrome - $4
51-54 side spear - $6
Oil breather caps - $1 each
51-54 window crank - $4

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