Studebaker-Packard Product Cans/Bottles/Jars

Posted by r1lark On 2020/8/31 18:51:10
Studebaker-Packard products from my family's Packard and Studebaker dealerships (Packard Hempstead in Hempstead NY, and Warta Motors in Merrick NY). When I was a youngster in the late '60s/early '70s, I can remember using some of these products in our cars.

PM me on this forum if you are interested in any of these items or have questions. Thanks! Paul

***I'm having issues posting pictures to the forum, so have put the pics for each item in a separate album in Google Pictures, and provided a link to each album in the descriptions. Each picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.***

For the '55 thru '58 Packard owners and collectors:
1) S-P Kar Kleen All-Purpose Cleaner upholstery and fabric cleaner in glass jars, p/n SP-50005. I have never seen any of these anywhere else, probably because they are glass jars, and the label was meant to be pulled off to see the directions on the back side. I only have a handful left that have good intact labels. Jars are full, but the contents in some of them have "settled" some, and the pink color has faded to white. Pics are below, including an interesting shipping label on the box from Packard in Utica to the Packard Boston Zone Office. Only have a handful of these. $50 plus USPS shipping cost. Link to Pictures:

-ONE SOLD, ONE LEFT (EMPTY)- 2) S-P Radiator Stop Leak, p/n SP-50012. These are the only two I have, one is full, and one is empty. Nice graphics, some rust on top of can but probably can be improved by cleaning. $25 each plus USPS shipping cost; first taker gets choice on empty or full can. Link to Pictures:

-SOLD- 3) S-P Lustur Seal Cleaner and Sealer (p/n SP-50001) and S-P Haze Cream No-Rub Polish (p/n SP-50002) in plastic bottles. Both are full and have beautiful graphics. $70 for the pair plus USPS shipping. Link to Pictures:

4) Studebaker/Packard Cooling System Cleaner and Neutralizer, p/n SP-50009. Really nice condition, great graphics. Can is full, and I have heard folks say this is really great cooling system cleaner if you want to use the contents then save the can for display! I have several, $12 each plus USPS shipping. Link to Pictures:

For those who have an interest in Studebaker memorabilia:
5) Studebaker Tar and Road Oil Remover, p/n SP-50238. Nice graphics, tops have some corrosion as shown in picture, but probably could be cleaned some. Have several cans, full and empty. $15 each plus USPS shipping. Link to Pictures:

6) Studebaker Cooling System Rust Resistor and Water Pump Lubricant, p/n SP-50017. Only have two left, see pictures for condition. Cans are full, reduced price due to paint damage on bottoms and side. $14 each plus USPS shipping. Link to Pictures:

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