Re: ISO 54 Panama Super Clipper side mirrors

Posted by HH56 on 2021/4/10 10:04:15
NOS Packard side mirrors are for the most part extinct or if you do find one, outrageously expensive. There were repros made and while those were only expensive, I believe also long gone but you would have a better chance of finding a set. Not sure if those making them are still around to make any more but you might luck out.

While not an exact match mirrors made for 55-7 Chevys are inexpensive, style is good at a distance and probably the closest you will find to Packard originals in an aftermarket mirror. Several have used them on their Packards. Summit sells them as probably do others.

I believe this car has an authentic Packard mirror for comparison and the the 51 accessory brochure in the literature section has a halfway decent illustration.

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