Re: Looking for grille and front bumper for ‘49 deluxe

Posted by JD in KC On 2021/4/17 8:29:42
As far as the central grill is concerned, you can use one from any 1948-1949 22nd Series Eight, Deluxe Eight, Super Eight or 1949-1950 23rd Series Eight, Deluxe Eight.
There are 5 grills available on eBay now starting at under $130.00 (missing emblem). The grills are fairly easy to come by. You can post a WTB notice here in the 'Packard Parts & Misc - For Sale, Wanted, Trade' forum.
The bumper needs further investigation. Packard switched from the open (split) front bumper to a solid 23rd Series style bumper during the 1949 22nd Series run. You will need to find out which your car needs. does the car still have the bumper and/or the attachments still in place?

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