Re: 1941-1942 Radio and Deluxe Heater for sale

Posted by longjohn on 2021/5/2 19:53:19
I don't think this will fit without some modification. My 39 120 heater does not have the lower door. It also has two mounting bolts where this heater has three. The inlet/outlet pipes on the 39 both have 90 degree bends where this one has straight pipes.

I tried to look this up in the parts book but I can't figure out what heading it might be under. There is the number 11290 printed in ink on the back but I can't find that part # in the book.

10.5" wide at widest point
9.5" high at center
7.5" from the front of the heater to the mounting bracket.
Three mounting bolts go through firewall.
It looks like there should be three spacers between the heater and firewall for clearance
The distance between the inlet & outlet is 10.25" O.C.

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