53-54 Various parts for sale

Posted by longjohn On 2021/6/11 11:42:46
Refer to picture:
A. Senior Hood ornament, some pitting $75
B. 53-55 Senior Trunk handle, good chrome, minor pitting in finger holds $75
C. 48-54 Horn ring, very good chrome $25
D. 1953 Caribbean wheel well trim, stainless steel, passenger rear?, some small dents $100
E. Pair of headlight rims, minor pitting $60/pair
F. Pair of 1954-55 Clipper tail lights, good chrome, lense is cracked $80/pair
G. Single tail light, Poor chrome but no pitting, bad lenses $25
H. 51-54 Clock bezel, NOS. $25
J. Senior grille emblem bezel NOS $90
K. Seat handle $20
L. Door handles $20/each
M. Mirror base, good chrome $30
N. 53-54 Headlight switch NOS $75
O. 53 Clipper tail fin, some small pitting $50
P. 53-54 Senior tail fin, rechromed but some residual pits $80
Q. Power antenna, complete but not working $75

Also for sale but not pictured:
1953-54 oil pressure sending unit NOS $20
1953 Clipper/Convert front fender spears 444164-5 NOS $100/pair

Inquire for more pictures or information
Plus shipping TBD

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