Re: 1953 packard clipper

Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/28 14:13:43
51-54 all used the same blower assy so that should open up the range for your search.

I believe a few on the forum have removed their 6v blowers when doing 12v conversions and might still have them. If no one here has an extra or a parts car with an available blower assy then try Gerry at PackardsSouthwest or David Moe at Seattle Packards. I believe both have used parts in that year range.

The larger NOS vendors, Kanter, Max Merritt, or Tucson Packards may also be able to come up with something from their collection of parts cars. If all else fails there are new 6v universal motors that can be mounted and will work but will look a bit different than the original.

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