Wanted: Original Packard Bottles/Cans/Jars

Posted by Andrew M On 2021/8/30 19:51:59
I’m looking for some original Packard bottles/cans/jars to add to a display I’m making for my 1956 400. Does anyone have some they would like to sell? They don’t have to be full or perfect, since I’m just using them for a display. Most of the bottles and containers have “S P” for Studebaker Packard at the top.

I’m also looking for a factory touch up paint can in aqua or Dover white to add to the display. I’ve seen them for sale from time to time and am looking for these as well. I’m not wanting to use the paint, I’m just wanting to add it to the display. It doesn’t need to be full or perfect.

If anyone has any of these items for sale let me know! Thanks.

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