Re: 1929 Model 645 Rims for sale ( 4 )

Posted by Brent on 2022/5/25 5:05:30
Hi, our 443 was in miserable condition. It was found in a Canadian field near Toronto back in 2018. We had it shipped to Netherlands and started a full restoration. The body was lifted off the frame and is now back on it. The car is in primer coating now. The engine, gearbox, propshaft and rear diff have been rebuilt but the engine is not fully assembled yet. The roof could not be salvaged. It was decided to take it off and turn the car into a roadster. All components were saved in case someone decides to put the roof back on in the future. The car has many original parts including dash, engine, trans, radiator that makes it a great project car.

Just need 6 wheels...

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