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Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/8/9 21:20:50
Old hardware like that was usually not made by the trunk manufacturer. Generally it was made by a hardware company of the time like Eagle, Penn, or National. It's worth checking the Flat Steel section of the ILCO catalog for keys that match the profile, but for this one I didn't see any.

If that doesn't work, a good page to look at is:

Simply Ctrl+F the key code gives some close results, but nothing exact. Seems the lock was made by Wheary/Corbin. Going back to the ILCO catalog, we look through the North American Cylinder section but unfortunately no blanks come up that would fit that keyway.

Knowing all this, the best advice I can give is to go to an OLD locksmith shop, not these newer places with websites and fancy vans, but a small place that's been there forever, and just ask if they can impression the lock from a blank key. This won't be cheap, but may also increase the value of the trunk by the same or more.

See also this topic:'

Before you ask: yes, I was a lock nerd far before being a Packard enthusiast.

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