WTB Federal WLR Siren For 1951-1954 Henney

Posted by Packard Don On 2022/9/23 11:38:42
I’ve posted everywhere else including various Facebook groups, the Professional Car Society of which I am a member and contacted all those who have or have had Henney parts (including the more generic Packard parts dealers). EBay too but so far the search has been unsuccessful. I am not really looking for referrals or suggestions of who might have one as am hoping someone here has a spare.

I need a Federal WLR light/siren combination for my 1951 Henney-Packard military ambulance. The same siren was used on civilian ambulances too but with a different base and that type is acceptable too. I prefer complete, intact and restorable without actually having been restored to match the patina (using the term loosely!) of my car. By any chance, does anyone here have a spare from a parts car or left over from a project?

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