1941-1950 New and Used Clipper parts for sale

Posted by dallas On 2022/9/28 5:30:23
I have found some more parts for Packard. New and used items for sale as a lot. These part were purchased as spares for 1946/47 Packard Clipper, but will fit other years. I'm asking $430 shipped. See photos, any questions pm me. OFFERS OK!!!!Thanks

New parts---
Delco spark plug wire set 8 cyl.
KA117 king pin kit
10 new Autolite spark plugs-P4-10mm
1941-50 Packard trunk seal Steele #70-1690-84
2 each distributor caps--Autolite number IGP1003
2 each coils Autolite number CR3224JS (one has chipped tower, would be covered by rubber boot)
1 pair 1940-54 Packard headlite bucket gaskets Steele #30-0142-14

Used parts---last six photos-parts are good used.

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