Parts for Sale -- NOS Detroit Packard Parts

Posted by r1lark On 2022/11/27 13:58:36
I've come across what appear to be Detroit Packard parts in a bunch of Studebaker parts. These are NOS parts. A few I've figured out the applications using the Parts Manuals posted here on, but the rest I'm not sure about. Let me know via a message thru this forum if you are interested in any of these. I'll then pull the parts and send you pictures to make sure they are right, and provide a price less shipping. Thanks, Paul

1) p/n 333753, quantity (1), Wheel Cylinder Kit

2) p/n 351172, quantity (34), Bushing or Grommet, front & rear stabilizer, used on 22nd & 23rd series, and others

3) p/n 385972, quantity (1), Moulding

4) p/n 419741, quantity (6), Bushing, front stabilizer rod

5) p/n 465266, quantity (15), Bushing, shock absorber

6) Autolite p/n GDZ-1005, quantity (1) set, Generator Field Coil Assembly for 1941-1950 Packards with Autolite Generators GDZ-4801F; GDZ-4801G; GDZ-4801T; GDZ-4801V

7) Autolite p/n MAW-30055, quantity (1) set, Starter Field Coil Assembly for Packard 1939-1943 w/starter #'s MAW-4018, 4021, 4024, 4027

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