Re: overdrive on 1940 110 6 cylimder

Posted by HH56 On 2022/12/10 18:31:47
The transmission and overdrive are built and installed as a unit and will need to be the complete smaller unit from a junior car. Components used with the 356 engine are heavy duty with an input shaft being a larger diameter so that unit will require some changeover work and not be an easy install on a 110.

While the R9 would be the correct unit for the car and junior units from 40 to early 48 will bolt in it is a fairly complex unit both electrically and mechanically. You must also have R9 specific electric items such as the relay box and solenoid for that unit and those are starting to be hard to come by and expensive. For that reason you might also consider the later R11 unit from a mid 48-50 junior model. Electrical is much simpler, can use store bought relays and universal kickdown switches plus mechanical is more robust. Repro electrical components are also available for the R11.

Compete trans/OD units are frequently are found on ebay and even some have been offered on this forum.

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