Re: '56 Patrician Side Mirrors

Posted by JeromeSolberg On 2022/12/31 23:20:23
Thank you, Packard Don. Not to belabor the point (though I think I am going to now), but I understand that 1951-54 had belt-molding-mounted mirrors, and 1955-56 had door-mounted mirrors. Seems to me, since the bodies are essentially the same, the 1955-56 style should work on a 1951-54 body. And, indeed, someone long ago before me had mounted a square mirror on the LH (drivers-side) door of my 1953 Cavalier. It would be nice to replace that with something a bit more period correct, as well as a matching item for the R.H. door. However, even if I could justify the expense of the repro 1951-54 mirrors, installing belt-molding-mounted mirrors at this time would also require repairing and repainting the drivers-side door (at a minimum), because of the existing mounting holes for the mirror that was fitted some time in the distant past.

Much more preferable and practical to me would simply be to procure some nice door-mounted mirrors which have a 1950's feel to them, as probably many Packard dealers and/or independent shops would have done at the time. If there are any out there that someone has had some good experience with which can still be purchased recently, such information would be welcome.

I see what some folks are calling "Yankee Mirrors" on Ebay, and wonder if those might work well, and if anyone has any recent experience with those on offer. Am I correct that those were available in the 1950's?

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