Re: '56 Patrician Side Mirrors

Posted by BigKev On 2023/1/1 8:42:59
51-56 Packards never left the factory with side mirrors. They were always a dealer add-on.

If you look at the Factory photos, even the most expensive cars (Patricians, Carribeans, etc.) won't have side mirrors.

I've seen lots of bodies with no evidence of ever having mirrors installed.

In most states, you are only required to have to safety equipment the car was manufactured with.

Driving in both Calif and Illinois, I've never had an issue with my lack of side mirrors. Also, I am tall, so even when I tried "clamp-on" mirrors, the viewing angles were never especially good. The one on the passenger door was particularly useless.

I just learned to look over my shoulder when changing lanes.

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