Re: '56 Patrician Side Mirrors

Posted by Packard Don On 2023/1/1 17:36:35
In most states, you are only required to have to safety equipment the car was manufactured with. Driving in both Calif and Illinois, I've never had an issue with my lack of side mirrors. Also, I am tall, so even when I tried "clamp-on" mirrors, the viewing angles were never especially good. The one on the passenger door was particularly useless.

This is true but also not quite all of the story. You can indeed get a ticket for not having a driver side mirror (or seat belts) in a vintage car that did not come with them originally but it would then be up to you to argue it in traffic court. We once got a ticket for a clear license plate cover which is also illegal in California and I got a ticket on my 1940 Packard for having the wrong bulbs in my fog lights.

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