Accessories / Service Parts 1956 Patrician

Posted by Tigeress1517 On 2023/1/2 1:13:03
Hi All,

Sorry to bug everyone, Im new and still learning about these cars.

I have seen photos of the pedals in chrome with packard coat of arms in them, does anyone know where i could get these from?

Also I am going to need a few bits n bobs to get my old girl running. Can anyone help with some info on the following? (I've tried looking for todays substitutes but I am not having much luck)

Battery - 6volt or 12 volt
Oil - how many liters does the engine take (374 V8) and which is the better type for an old girl?
Filters - Oil/fuel, stock standard or is there specific ones required

Do you find that you have to get items custom made to fit or are parts readily available?

Thanks brain trust

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