Re: Cylinder Head 1937er 8Cylinder

Posted by Ozstatman On 2023/1/4 18:26:29

The head in the photos looks like it's a 120 and Aluminium(Or Aluminum, if you prefer) Because Aluminum heads are hard to come by, being prone to corrosion and warping, you're most likely to end up with a cast iron head instead. If there is little response to your query you should try the major Packards parts vendors Kanter or Max Merritt who should have a head or two laying around.

A while ago I picked up 2 Aluminum 120 heads and ended up giving them away recently. I don't know what condition they were, they were a "barn find", laying in the boot(trunk) of a Packard for many years so suspect they were removed a long time ago because of the aforementioned problems.

I doubt it's worth persuing these heads,
1) Because of the potential problems they have.
2) Shipping cost to Germany from Australia would be exorbitant! You'd need to be under sedation when you learn the cost!

Nevertheless, if you're interested ,I can enquire with the present owner.

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