Re: Need a bunch of parts for my 1941 120

Posted by Packard Don On 2023/11/26 17:09:30
Other than some expensive parts such as the dash plastic that’s probably better replaced with new reproduction, it will probably save you considerable time and money to find a parts car and buy it. Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to restore it too!

For the inside windshield trim, it is just decorative and does not hold in the glass. The rubber alone does that. That said, my area of expertise is 1940 and even though I also owned a 1941 1901A 160” wheelbase Henney-Packard hearse for many, many years and do have some leftover parts from 1939-1941, sadly I cannot help with the manifold. I have manifolds but they are for later engines so likely would not fit a 282.

I’m sure that Tucson Packards can help you as Mike Circo has a number of 1941s. Gerry at Southwest Packards might also be able to help.

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