Re: Need a bunch of parts for my 1941 120

Posted by 1941Packard On 2023/11/26 21:03:44

Fish'n Jim wrote:
Seems your car was picked for parts already. Something to always consider when purchasing a non-complete vehicle. There's only so many made, then only so many survive, and survivors need parts and that limits the parts scene and causes what you have - a parts car. NOS has been depleted many decades.
Undecided, I suggest you take a critical look at it and decide if it's worth restoring or doing something else - sell, part out, custom, etc. before going forward. eg: graft in a modern dash, make the trim pieces, etc. Otherwise, they remain incomplete money and time pits not worth as much as you put in.
Pick projects carefully not on a whim/happenstance or because of a "deal". If one doesn't know why they buy before/what they're going to do with it/parts available/capable of, it's too late to walk away. Good luck.

I'm not planning on doing some restoration aimed at winning car shows. I just want a good driver/resto-mod. If I can get the misc. missing pieces, great. If not, I'll just get it running/driving the way it is.

The suspension / steering / bushing availability is the main factor in determining what I want to do with this car. I may take the body off and repair some rust damage, but only if I can replace all the typical wear items on the suspension, etc. So far, I don't think anyone produces them for a 41 120.

As far as choosing the perfect project... That seems impossible. Everything in life is a compromise. The perfect projects are usually already complete and running/driving. What's the fun in that? lol

In hindsight, I probably would have passed on this Packard, but it was a unique situation that I wasn't going to walk away from. I'm going to get it going on the road one way or another.

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