Re: Performance parts for 282 (intake, exhaust, etc)

Posted by 1941Packard On 2023/11/28 0:31:52

Ozstatman wrote:
1941Packard wrote:......Was anything ever produced for these engines........

Short answer is yes. Specifically by Edmunds who made a finned Aluminium (Aluminum) head and also a 2 x 2bbl intake manifold. I don't know of any other 282 specific performance parts. Owners might have fabricated custom exhaust headers or 4bbl intake manifolds themselves. I think{?} there could have been other manufacturers but Edmunds is the most well known.

Edmunds "stuff" does come up for sale ocasionally, you just have to keep an eye out for it.

Otherwise one way to get some horsepower gains out of your 282 would be a good old fashioned port and polish job on the intakes and exhausts. Probably 20hp in that? Another way would be to mill the head to increase the compression ratio. BUT you have to be very careful doing this because there's not much clearance between the valve heads and combustion chambers on those engines

I appreciate your response! I was not aware anything was made for the 282. I would definitely be interested in a head/intake if anyone has them laying around.


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