Re: Performance parts for 282 (intake, exhaust, etc)

Posted by 1941Packard On 2023/11/28 12:13:21

Wat_Tyler wrote:
From the For What It's Worth Department:

As an owner of 3 of the 282 engines, one in a driver, I think that the best high performance part that you could install would be a 327. That would be the equivalent of boring it a quarter inch (I believe the stroke is the same). I wouldn't spend a nickel on trying to improve a 282.

But, it is yours, so do what you like and have fun doing it.

I would definitely take a 327/359 if anyone has one laying around and they will bolt right into my 41. I can also run a GM transmission with one of those engines as there are adapter plates and probably a little more availability on heads/intakes, but still rare..

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