Re: Performance parts for 282 (intake, exhaust, etc)

Posted by packardbill On 2023/12/2 8:22:53
Port and polish is your best bet. Packard engineers designed those straight eights for low-end and smoooothness. Without a proper bump stick, adding a second carb will barely give you a "seat of the pants" feel. Mostly just burn a little more gas. Custom grind a cam with say, 9* or 10* overlap, so it idles decent, but, as was said earlier, you have to be careful with lift due to valve/head clearance. Then, a second carb adds breatheability and rpms.
Ed Macauley had his 160 convertible fitted with 2-2bbls, but, different engine. I believe that car is still around, but I can't comment on the performance.
I believe in "make it your own", so go ahead add the Edmunds stuff. It'll look cool.

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