Re: WANTED: Hand Throttle for 1937 120

Posted by Bob J On 2024/3/26 11:18:53
I had to get mine from Max Merritt as the car came with one I think was off a lawn mower! However I did something similar as tsherry with the parking brake cables. I tapped the casing up and down lightly with a hammer to break the rust lock. Once I got them to move some I hooked the end up to a variable speed drill and slowly turned the wire inside the casing, make sure you use lots of lubricant, and turn in the direction of any winding if applicable (my throttle wire is a simple wire but yours may be a fine cable so be aware).
Holding the casing in a vise, (gently as to not crush/distort it, just enough that it holds unmovable).By slowly turning the wire and adding spray lube and moving the wire back and forth in the casing full smooth action was restored, and I too had a bench full of rust and dirt. Very satisfying!
I used fine sand paper on the wire as I got it to protrude out of both ends of the casing too, to further allow smooth action and applied white grease like the speedometer cable.
A plater can restore the nickel finish too if you like. Nice to have as much original equipment as possible on these old girls.

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